A Brief History

In 2010, we first opened the doors to our planning and production offices. Like the sign carried by a hitchhiker crossing borders to reach a faraway destination, “Borderless or Bust” was our motto.

In 2013, copyright management, agency services and the protection of creators’ rights, as well as product sales were added to our list of services, and our company was reestablished as “THE U.D.S.”

We consider ourselves the drivers of the vehicle on which hitchhiking artists ride to reach their destinations. At the core of our services is making sure that these artists can function healthily around the world.

In planning and development, our specialty is the thorough and detailed research we conduct, a process cultivated through our experiences in film production. As a result, since our company’s inception, we hold a 100% close rate on the projects we plan, and we have gained wide acclaim for our structuring, plotting, and visual beauty.

It is our strong belief that “high artistry is borne only from detailed coverage,” and we refuse to make anything that we have not felt or researched about ourselves. This is how we strive to gain the trust of others, as well as connecting with others whom we trust.

“Borderless or Bust – stop now, or keep on going”

Why does a driver stop for such a sign?

A hitchhiker’s shadow approaches the side mirror.

An encounter is an adventure. It has the potential to change you.

When the driver willingly opens that door, it is a moment of human evolution.

Description of Our Business

At our core, THE U.D.S. is an art producer, and we conduct the planning and development of the visual contents that make up the completed works. Besides the production of original video content, our commissioned works include a wide variety of visual material, such as television programs, commercials, promotional videos for web and signage use, music videos, and videos for live events.

The development of each video content is conducted by a team 20 or so specialists which include composers, camera technicians, sound operators, hair & makeup artists, and cast members, assembling around a core group of company partners. Together we plan, shoot, and edit our contents, maintaining the copyrights to and conducting the sales of videograms.

THE U.D.S. also conducts the development process of campaigns and advertising slogans, the art direction for booklets, websites, novelty goods, product designs, and corporate identities, the development of creators commissioned through an educational institution, and agency services for creators.

Our clientele includes film distribution agencies, television stations, and advertising agencies, as well as auto, appliance, and medical equipment makers. We also have many projects developed through direct dealings with IT companies and educational institutions.

Company Features

On planning and development, we at THE U.D.S. use our own unique stack system of operation. Utilizing 3 input indicators (Ultimate, Comfort Tech, Conscious) to analyze the plan, and 3 output indicators (Sharp, Low Context, Multi Prosperous) to determine its best method of expression, we are confident in the plans we develop, and the 100% close rate we’ve held in the 5 years since establishment is an indicator of our strength and abilities.

Over 400 million viewers around the world watch the National Geographic Channel. THE U.D.S. planned and produced a documentary program for the National Geographic Channel, called “THE LIGHT: Illuminated by Shuji Nakamura,” about the winner of 2014 Nobel Prize for Physics and the inventor of blue LED lights, Professor Shuji Nakamura. For this project we not only utilized the stack system of operation, but conducted the aggressively thorough research we’ve come be known for, and through some bold negotiations, were able to realize the first meeting between Shuji Nakamura and Leo Ezaki, the winner of the Nobel Prize in physics in 1973. The completed program was first broadcast on CS satellite broadcast in Japan, then was made available on Video on Demand as the first 4K offering for the channel. It became a popular program, ranking in the top 5 most watched programs (out of 250 titles of Hikari-TV) for 2 consecutive weeks. Since then, the program has been aired in 25 different countries across Asia, beginning with Hong Kong. Since then, the program has been set to air in Europe.

In the Kumon Education and Research Association of Japan (KUMON)’s tutor recruitment campaign titled “GIFT,” THE U.D.S. visited classrooms across all of Japan to meet with and interview woman tutors to hear their first-hand experiences in teaching. Using the colorful real-life stories gathered from these women, we created 4 omnibus shorts, in drama and documentary form, which captured the essence of their experiences.

For the IT systems company TRINITY, THE U.D.S. produced cross-media contents utilizing video, digital graphics, photography and web-based media to conduct the corporate branding of the company. This campaign was featured in the next-generation comprehensive informational magazine, SAIZO (April, 2011), as one of the campaigns “which should be emulated.”

THE U.D.S. also planned and produced the documentary feature, “Hiunkaku Pavilion.” The Hiunkaku Pavilion is a historical structure said to be one of the “three major pavilions of Kyoto” (the others being Kinkaku and Ginkaku, or Gold and Silver pavilions). It is an architectural structure of national treasure status, and has only been permitted to film once before, for the work of world-renowned photographer Nobuyoshi Araki. This documentary, realized only through the tough, persistent negotiations by THE U.D.S., is the first-ever video work that captures the Hiunkaku Pavilion.

The projects of THE U.D.S., with its roots in film production, are highly praised for their insight (detailed information on the subject obtained through scrupulous research), structure (accessibly constructed using a plot line graph), and sublimation (capturing the beauty of a moment’s brilliance).

Company Name: THE U.D.S. LTD.

Founded: April 1, 2010

Established: July 4, 2013

Company Address: Tomigaya 1-8-3, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Japan

Business Outline: Film and video production, including planning, outsourcing and contracting, distribution and advertising, and exhibition.

President: Satoshi FUJII (CEO)

Main Bank: Mizuho Bank, Ebisu Branch

Core Partner / Main Stock Holder:

Hiroki TAWADA (ScreenWriter/ScriptWriter)

Yuko WATANABE (Filmmaker)

Toshiharu YAEGASHI (Director of Photography)

James Yuya MORIMOTO (Fixer/Filmmaker)

Shinya KANEKO (Jewelrist/Product Designer)

Satoshi FUJII (Filmmaker/Producer)

Issued February 2nd, 2016

THE U.D.S. LTD. is responsible for this report.