Yamada Shadowless Lamp Co., Ltd is a long-established maker of medical shadowless lamps since 80 years ago. THE U.D.S. was in charge of developing the PR concept and advertising slogan for their newest violet-LED light equipment, as well as handling the booth design and video content for the company's 2015 HOSPEX (International Healthcare Engineering Exhibition) presentation. The exhibition drew 63,000 attendees, with the company's booth seeing a 37% increase in attendance from the previous exhibition.

Category: Campaign: Event

YEAR: 2015

Title: Yamada Shadowless Lamp Co., Ltd.

Product: Medical Lighting

Advertising Agency: THE U.D.S.

Production Company: THE U.D.S.

Format: Campaign Concept, Advertising Slogans, Art Design and Image (HD)

“THE LIGHT: Illuminated by Shuji Nakamura”

Over 400 million viewers around the world watch the National Geographic Channel. THE U.D.S. planned and produced a documentary program for the channel, called “THE LIGHT: Illuminated by Shuji Nakamura,” about the winner of 2014 Nobel Prize for Physics and the inventor of blue LED lights, Professor Shuji Nakamura. Through the aggressively thorough research we’ve come be known for, as well as some bold negotiations, THE U.D.S. was able to realize the first meeting between Shuji Nakamura and Leo Ezaki, the winner of the Nobel Prize in physics in 1973. In order to capture the new ways in which the “dream technology” of the blue LED is being used, we conducted location shoots in Stockholm, California, Ehime prefecture, Tokushima prefecture, and Tokyo. The completed program was first broadcast on CS (satellite) broadcast, then was made available on Video on Demand as the first 4K offering for the channel. It became a popular program, ranking in the top 5 most watched programs (out of 250 titles of Hikari-TV) for 2 consecutive weeks. As a result, the broadcast area was spread to other parts of the world, as it began in Hong Kong and went on to air in 25 different countries(Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Macau, Malaysia, Maldives, Myanmar, Mongolia, Palau, Papua New Guinea, Singapore, Thailand, Vanuatu, Vietnam, China, Korea, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait,, Oman, Qatar, Lebanon,  Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Marshall Islands). It is scheduled to air in Europe next.

Category: TV Program: Documentary

YEAR: 2015

Title: THE LIGHT: Illuminated by Shuji NAKAMURA

Broadcast: National Geographic Channel

Product: TV Program: Documentary

Production Company: THE U.D.S.

Format: 4K


As a part of KUMON Education and Research Institution’s tutor recruitment campaign of the same title, THE U.D.S. visited classrooms across Japan to interview female tutors, and created 4 omnibus shorts (both drama and documentary) that were based on the colorful true stories gathered from them.

Category: Campaign: Internet Film

YEAR: 2014


Client: KUMON

Product: Recruitment (*Tutors)

Advertising Agency: THE U.D.S.

Production Company: THE U.D.S.

Format: HD

“REGZA” “Magic Drum”

Promotional work for the major appliance maker’s new product. THE U.D.S. takes great care in accurately conveying new technologies while simultaneously expressing the warmth of the human touch.

Category: Campaign: Web Movie


Title: REGZA Portable Blu-ray Disk Player

YEARS: 2013 / 2014

Product: Portable Blue-ray Disc Player


Title: REGZA Server

YEARS: 2013 / 2014

Product: Blue-ray Disc Recorder


Title: Magic Drum

YEAR: 2014

Product: Washing Machine


Title: Actiband

YEAR: 2014

Product: Health Apparatus



Advertising Agency: ABISHOT

Production Company: THE U.D.S.

Format: HD

“The HIUNKAKU Pavilion”

A documentary planned and produced by THE U.D.S., “The Hiunkaku Pavilion.” The Hiunkaku is a national treasure of an architectural structure, praised alongside the Kinkaku and Ginkaku (Gold and Silver) Pavilions as one of the “three major pavilions of Kyoto.” Usually closed to the public, this is one of only two filmed works to be permitted access inside the structure (the other being a piece by world renowned photographer Nobuyoshi Araki). Through vigorous negotiations by THE U.D.S., this became the first video work capturing the national treasure, Hiunkaku Pavilion.

Category: Videogramme: Documentary

YEAR: 2011

Title: The HIUNKAKU Pavilion

Product: Videogramme: Documentary

Production Company: THE U.D.S.

Format: HD (*2D & 3D)


This short drama, planned and produced by our company, was awarded “Best Cinematography Award” at the 10th annual Miami International Short Film Festival.

Category: Film

YEAR: 2011



Product: Short Film

Production Company: THE U.D.S.

Format: HD

Award: Best Cinematography, 2011 Miami International Short Film Festival

“JEAN-MICHEL BASQUIAT: THE RADIANT CHILD” (Japanese version trailer)

This trailer for the American documentary film chronicling the late artist was an Official Selection in the 2010 Trailer ZEN festival, and was included in the top 20 film trailers of the year.

Category: Campaign: Trailer

YEAR: 2010


Client: CJ Entertainment

Product: Film Trailer

Advertising Agency: CJ Entertainment

Production Company: THE U.D.S.

Format: 35mm Film

Prize: 2010 All Japan Best Trailer 20